Quality Child Care

24 Oct



Garlic Bread….YUM-E

24 Oct

So…. this blogger gives lots of posts on cooking ideas. I found this blog interesting because i love, love, love to eat… and i love cheese and i love any type of fresh bread and even though i’m rather slim i’m a big fatty at heart lol. I’m always looking for new recipes to try at home to either impress loved ones or guests, or simply as something fun to try with my three- year-old daughter… I like the post, but i do think the blogger could have added recommended substitutes.  and give an example of what “good” pizza dough really is. This is pretty much the standard format for sharing recipes, so if i decide to share one of my own this will be the format i use, but I’ll also add like a little story on what inspired me to make the dish that night!!


24 Oct

This blog post is all about the tips and tricks to successfully cheating on your significant other. LOL what a mess. I found this blog interesting because it still amazes me how people today don’t value their relationships with other people. Call me old fashioned, but i feel a relationship is something between two people alone. If you really feel the need to go through all this trouble to hide it from your partner. just break up with the person geesh. It’s really not that hard. Whatever happened to being faithful and monogamy???… The fact that people are looking for ways to cheat all the time is what works for this blogger. It does everything it’s intended to do and anyone that reads it, with that goal, will be pleased. … What could it improve? how about tips to staying faithful and/or happy with the one you’re with lol duh!!

I’m Sad :(

24 Oct

Hey everybody…. Due to personal health and family emergencies I’ve missed the past few classes. Not only this class but my other classes as well, so i’m pretty sad. So now i’m pretty behind in my work… and i actually like this class so i kinda miss you guys lol. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!


Rhetorical Analysis

24 Oct

So I found the rhetorical analysis a lot easier than the objective summary for some reason.  In the objective summary you’re basically just telling your audience WHAT they are saying. You’re just shortening/summarizing the authors point. For the rhetorical analysis your telling your audience WHY the author feels the way they do and if they defend their argument effectively.. This essay focuses more on the reason for the essay, like what is the essay responding to, versus just facts about the topic. I found it easy to write this one, but i did have trouble figuring out the author’s position at first…. As far as using rhetorical analysis, I use it all the time in my daily routine pretty much, and so do most people. We’re constantly in debate with others, whether it’s about a big topic like war or a small topic like fashion. And we critique the arguments the other person has made to decide if their point makes sense or not.

Peer Review

16 Sep

I like the whole experience and the whole idea of peer review.  I think it’s a lot easier to accept the critiques of our classmates vs the profesor. I liked the reviews I got, because they were all good. But i would have liked to see just a tiny itty bitty amount of negatives, so i could know what, if any, changes to add to my final draft…. Hope my comments were helpful to the essays I looked at. 😉

Kids On Leashes- COMPLETE FAIL LOL!!!

9 Sep


              SO according to the article,  “The Great Mom Debate: Are Leashes for Kids Cruel or Kind?” by Charlotte Hilton Anderson,  during a previous shopping trip this ladie’s son ran off and hid under a clothing rack, leaving her crawling around on the floor looking for him for over twenty minutes. After a panick and much frustration, she decided- that same day- to go and buy this leash: she said sprinting after him wasn’t and option. She feels it is really convenient for her, and that her son was actually growing to love the thing. But others are having quite a few problems with it. At a recent county fair random people yelled out their disgust toward her parenting. Another stranger even lectured her on it. She thinks it’s a safety precaution, I JUST THINK IT’S THE DUMBEST THING EVER LOL.

               This is so interesting to me, because I think it is EXTRA bizarre. These kids are on a leash like they are wild animals. Not only does it look bad publicly, but it also sends children the wrong message. I think parents that use tactics like this are teaching their kids to grow up with the mentality, “I don’t have to control myself. I don’t have to behave. Somebody is gonna be there to do it for me.” – Most of the time these leashes aren’t effective. They may keep the child from running far away from the parent, but the parent uses most of their energy trying to stablize their kid, which usually results in a #CompleteFail,  See the photo above lol. They say never say never but… i would never do this to my daughter. It’s way easier to just hold their hand!!! DUH!!!!!!!